Work Adjustment Training

Work Adjustment Training is a service used for those clients who require extensive preparation for employment.  This service includes:

  1. Training Admission – to determine whether the training program is appropriate for the client by assessing the client’s current work readiness/employability skills and identification of those skills that the client is lacking and/or needs assistance in developing.
  2. Client Service Plan Development – to develop and agree upon the client’s service objectives
  3. Work Adjustment Training Services – training provided in the most integrated setting and addresses the following areas:
    1.  Teaching the CORE work readiness/employability skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining employment as well as successful work behaviors and performance.
    2. Providing unpaid short-term trial work experience in a real work environment that can be facility or community based.  This work experience shall be of sufficient variety and duration to:
      1. Determine the clients abilities, capabilities, and capacity to perform in work situations;
      2. Determine whether the client can benefit in terms of an employment outcome due to the severity of the client’s disability;
      3. Develop work tolerance, stamina, and productivity;
      4. Acclimate to a work environment similar to the industry setting for the client’s chosen or desired vocational goal, and apply the acquired skills and techniques.

To check eligibility, please review the requirements on the Vocational Rehabilitation page:

If Eligible, to apply for the VR Program: