Housing Vouchers

Prior to a housing placement each individual is evaluated, their individual needs are assessed and readiness level for independent living is reviewed.

Eligibility Requirements are as follow:

  • Must be 18 years old of age or older
  • Must meet the SMI criteria as defined by the ADHS Persons with a disability means a household composed of one or more persons at least one is an adult with a disability
  • Must be mentally competent and legally able to enter into a lease agreement
  • Must meet the HUD definition of homeless low income means an annual income in excess of 80 percent of the median income for the area, as determine by the HUD
  • Must be free from illegal substance for 90 days or more

ACHIEVE Human Services maintains contracts with HUD throughout the Yuma community and in La Paz County. They are:

Transitional Housing
  • Designed to promote the development of supportive housing and services that assist homeless persons in transition from homelessness to living as independently as possible.
  • Facilitates the movement from homeless individuals and families to permanent housing that provides long-term housing for homeless persons with disabilities.
  • Some programs require that the individual be transitioning from a short-term emergency shelter, or other homeless situation.
  • Transitional housing/shelter is generally provided in apartment style facilities with a higher degree of privacy than short-term homeless shelters; may be provided at no cost to the resident; and may be configured for specialized groups within the homeless population such as people with severe mentally illness.
Shelter Plus Care I and II
  • Designed to link rental assistance to supportive services for the “hard-to-serve” homeless persons with disabilities.
  • Primarily for those who are seriously mentally ill, have chronic problems with alcohol, drugs, or both; or have acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and related diseases and their families.
Permanent Voucher Program
  • Designed to assist individuals and their families who are homeless and have a permanent disability such as serious mental illness or a co-occurring disorder/substance abuse.
  • Permanent supportive housing programs generally provide residents with the rights of tenancy under state or local landlord/tenant laws and are linked to services designed to meet residents' needs. Supportive services vary depending on the resident population.

Upon placement an array of services are offered to individuals to teach them healthy living skills that will lead to independence, which are:

  • Individual and/or groups sessions (English and Spanish)
  • Self-Management Symptom Skills
  • Healthy Personal
  • Family and Social Interaction Skills
  • Basic budgeting, including meal planning and healthy eating habits.

For more information contact:
ACHIEVE Human Services, Inc.
3250-A East 40th Street
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: 928-341-4100 or Fax (928-329-8950)

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