Bulk Mailing

Mail Wizards Bulk Mailing Services prepares bulk mailing for customers in the Yuma area.

We have done complete mailings, were all materials are dropped off to us and we prepare it and drop it off at the post office, as well as doing jobs that only require individual steps like stuffing and sealing envelopes.

Services include folding literature, stuffing and sealing envelopes, printing and applying address labels, tabbing, applying postage, sorting, and dropping off either at a business or the Bulk Mail division of the Post Office. We do not have a database of addresses, but instead we work with the addresses that our clients have identified and given to us. Break down for cost is as follows per each piece of mail:

  • Folding literature: $.02
  • Permit stamp (postage): $.02
  • Return service requested stamp: $.02
  • Stuffing envelopes: $.02
  • Sealing envelopes: $.02
  • Applying address labels: $.02
  • Applying return address labels: $.02
  • Sorting out of local area mail to take to post office: $.06
  • Sorting out of out of local area mail to take to the post office: $.08
  • Printing labels: $.03
  • Cost of labels if we print them out: $3

Postage depends on what the post office classifies the mail as, and the amount/weight of the total number of pieces.

For more information contact:
ACHIEVE Human Services, Inc.
3250-A East 40th Street
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: 928-341-4100 or Fax 928-329-8950